Launching the Keyoxide Chat Bot

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Posted on 2023-02-22

A new conversational interface

Today, I am publishing the source code for the new Keyoxide chat bot and launching a Telegram chat bot that runs it.

The chat bot is a different way to verify people's online identities. Instead of visiting in a browser, one is now able to open the Telegram app on any platform, start a conversation with the Keyoxide bot and send it the following message:


to get the results below:

Open source

The chat bot is written in rust and open source, as everything related to the Keyoxide project is. Find the source code on Codeberg.

On Telegram first

Start a conversation with the bot by scanning the QR code below:

As I already had experience with programming Telegram bots, I decided to program the bot for that platform first. Of course, I would love to add a Matrix bot and an IRC bot. And while we're at it, a XMPP bot too?

Currently, I have plenty of other tasks I must prioritize. As the code is open source, you are invited to contribute if you'd like to see support for those platforms as soon as possible!

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Last updated: 2023-09-25 08:57 UTC