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Keyoxide project update 6: mobile & themeable ASP

Posted on 2023-10-05

Big mobile app update

The mobile app now also supports verifying ASP profiles which is a big step for this new method of creating profiles that does not require OpenPGP!

The latest 1.6.0 update also follows the new design recently introduced on the website as well as a host of other minor improvements and fixes. A nice touch is the new overlay that lets the user know what is happening while a profile page is loading.

The update should be coming to an app store near you soon!

For more information, do read Berker's blog post on the app's update.

Themeable ASP profiles on the web

On the web side of things: if you have tried the new work-in-progress ASP web tool to create your ASP profile, you will have noticed the "theme color" button which seemingly had no influence on your profile page.

Well, now it does: ASP profiles on the web now follow the chosen theme color! Have a look at my personal ASP profile with a teal theme!

Service provider documentation

The documentation previously made it a little difficult to find exactly which accounts Keyoxide supports and how to verify them. I hope the new "Available claims/proofs" page helps you as much as it does me!


This was a quick short update, we're always working on more and so, more news will follow!

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